What is Content Marketing and How Can It Help You Achieve Your Lead Generation Goals?

You may have heard a lot of buzz lately about it, but what exactly is Content Marketing, anyway? Put simply, it’s a way to attract new eyes to your organization, product or service by creating text and images that are relevant to the consumer and then distributing it through a variety of channels. Social media and your website are two of the most widely used channels, but any media that attracts and engages an audience such as blogs, podcasts, videos, broadcast media are opportunities to engage new or existing audiences.

5 Content Marketing Steps to Grow Your Business

In 2020, 84% of companies surveyed by SEO and data management firm Semrush said they have a content marketing strategy. Only 51% of those same respondents, though, considered their strategy “good.” Many C-level executives are vaguely aware of the mantra “Content is King,” yet are not quite sure how to implement a successful content strategy, let alone how to measure that success. 

The Power of Personalization in Marketing

Study after study makes it clear that personalization is the reigning king of marketing. Organizations of all kinds are racing to develop the customer insights they need to single out individuals and create better, more personal user experiences. Non-profits can learn from these organizations and do the same to make their fundraising experiences more relevant to donors.

Animal Welfare Fundraising During Coronavirus and Economic Uncertainty

There is no question that all of us who raise funds for animal welfare organizations are in unchartered waters with the coronavirus and the economic uncertainty it is causing. Organizations are juggling countless priorities to make sure their staffs and volunteers are safe and that the animals continue to receive optimal care. And, they are struggling to make decisions around business continuity, including fundraising plans. Events are being cancelled or postponed resulting in a significant loss of revenue.