Using Data and Variable Messaging to Rethink the Direct Marketing 40/40/20 Rule

The 40/40/20 rule was developed over 60 years ago by direct marketing pioneer Ed Mayer to convey the value each element of a direct mail effort contributes toward driving results. The rule purports that 40% of direct mail success is attributed to the mailing list, 40% from the offer and the remaining 20% from the format, design and copy of the mail piece.

Meet Mark Moten, Art Director

We’re happy to welcome Mark Moten, the newest member of the marketing team at our Troy, Michigan campus. As an Art Director, he will translate marketing strategy into visual campaigns that connect and engage the target audience. 

What is Content Marketing and How Can It Help You Achieve Your Lead Generation Goals?

You may have heard a lot of buzz lately about it, but what exactly is Content Marketing, anyway? Put simply, it’s a way to attract new eyes to your organization, product or service by creating text and images that are relevant to the consumer and then distributing it through a variety of channels. Social media and your website are two of the most widely used channels, but any media that attracts and engages an audience such as blogs, podcasts, videos, broadcast media are opportunities to engage new or existing audiences.