Using Data and Variable Messaging to Rethink the Direct Marketing 40/40/20 Rule

The 40/40/20 rule was developed over 60 years ago by direct marketing pioneer Ed Mayer to convey the value each element of a direct mail effort contributes toward driving results. The rule purports that 40% of direct mail success is attributed to the mailing list, 40% from the offer and the remaining 20% from the format, design and copy of the mail piece.

For Hard-Hit Healthcare Recruiters, a Few Solutions Offer Hope

The healthcare industry in America is facing an extraordinary staffing crisis. A 2021 Mercer study forecasts a shortage of nearly 450,000 home health aides and nearly 30,000 nurse practitioners. There will likely be continued shortages across the healthcare industry, a combined effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, already extant staff shortages and employee burnout. 

Animal Welfare Fundraising During Coronavirus and Economic Uncertainty

There is no question that all of us who raise funds for animal welfare organizations are in unchartered waters with the coronavirus and the economic uncertainty it is causing. Organizations are juggling countless priorities to make sure their staffs and volunteers are safe and that the animals continue to receive optimal care. And, they are struggling to make decisions around business continuity, including fundraising plans. Events are being cancelled or postponed resulting in a significant loss of revenue.