Q&A: How Nonprofits can Mine Donor Data for Better Response

Our EVP of Marketing, Mark Gaskill, sat down with Sherri Welch from Crain’s Detroit Business for a Q&A on how nonprofits can strengthen relationships with donors to help recoup the loss of postponed or cancelled events because of the COVID-19 virus.  Mark’s recommendations:

  1. It’s especially important now to maintain and strengthen relationships with existing donors, so use this time to get to know your donors better to build strong relationships.
  2. Clean up your data, segment your donors into sensible groupings and keep communicating with them.
  3. Get personal in your communications. Now is not the time to be generic. Use what you know about why your donors support your organization to talk about your mission in ways that will resonate and strengthen their emotional connection.

Click here to read the full article in Crain’s. 

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Kirk Vercnocke
Kirk Vercnocke


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