Michael Mahalak, VP of Information Technology, Print and Development

With 37 years of experience in data processing and IT, Mike Mahalak brings a wealth of skills and practice to his new role as VP of Information Technology in Print and Development. He brings proven expertise in variable digital print solutions, application solutions, database development, database architecture, data security, performance tuning, compliance auditing, and team leadership. 

In his previous roles, Mike has created and led variable digital print application development and operational teams throughout the United States and India. He directed insourcing and outsourcing initiatives, migration teams moving application systems from mini-computers to mainframe, and many other IT initiatives globally.

As a team leader, Mike mentored associates at all experience levels ranging from college interns to senior level developers and architects.

Here at Phoenix Innovate, Mike will oversee our digital print technologies, providing oversight and leadership to variable data composition, mail processing, and development efforts that ultimately result in the products processed on our production floor.

“We are focused on creating technologically advanced solutions for our clients,” says Kirk Vercnocke, CEO of Phoenix Innovate. “No amount of investment in software and hardware can accomplish this without the right people. Mike’s unique abilities and experience will help us create innovative solutions tailored to achieve our client’s goals.”

Mike Spalding, Phoenix Innovate’s Chief Technology and Compliance Officer is equally glad to have Mike’s expertise and confidence on board. “I am excited to have Mike onboard at such a crucial time in Phoenix Innovate’s technical evolution. I have worked alongside Mike for more than 30 years, going back to the line printer and dot matrix days,” Mike says. “His knowledge in digital print, composition, and development allows us as an organization to sit in front of any client with the confidence and experience to deliver some of the most technical and precise projects in the market today. His willingness to jump into any project or problem and work with the team to exceed a client’s expectation is a trait I have seen in him from the beginning of our working relationship.”   

As for Mike, he’s looking forward to his future with PI as well. “Phoenix Innovate is a natural next step for me,” he says. “I am excited to use my knowledge and skills to help the company as we realize continued growth. I’m equally happy to learn new things and to continue expanding my skills by working with the PI team.” 

When he’s not working hard, developing new IT skills and leading teams, Mike likes to relax with his wife Joan at his lake house, along with his four adult kids and his three — soon to be four — grandkids. He also enjoys basketball, volunteering with youth sports organizations, and building projects that require mechanical, rather than computer, skills. 

Mike Spalding
Mike Spalding

Chief Technology and Compliance Officer

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