Search Engine Marketing

Hays + Sons

Search Engine Marketing Contributes to 500% ROI for Restoration Company

Search Engine Marketing contributes to 500 percent ROI.

Advertising dollars allocated more efficiently due to data-led insights.


Hays + Sons, an Indianapolis-based property damage restoration company, needed a better way to reach property owners at the exact moment these individuals need help. Business owners and homeowners typically only reach out to restoration companies in emergencies, so Hays + Sons needed to make their restoration services easily and highly visible – all while addressing the extremely competitive nature of this industry.

In the past, the business had focused only on general awareness marketing channels, such as sponsorships of local and professional sports, in order to generate leads for its multiple locations.


Hays + Sons needed to leverage and optimize search engine marketing (SEM) practices to ensure they were reaching the right audiences at the right time without wasting advertising dollars.

Backed by analytical data and research, we developed a deep understanding of the company’s business model and where best to mine for future opportunities. As a result, we helped Hays + Sons devise an SEM plan and strategy that consisted of proper messaging, strategic keyword usage and an optimal advertising cadence to ensure the business was reaching the target audience without exceeding its advertising budget. Our team also employed search engine optimization (SEO) principles, enhanced the user interface/user experience (UI/UX) of their website and blocked unwanted “bot” traffic to ensure the client’s ad spend drove quality leads. Additionally, we implemented call-tracking technology for more detailed job attribution and improved SEM metrics.


As a result of our efforts and analytical research, Hays + Sons has an impactful and efficient strategy to generate the maximum ROI within budget, as demonstrated by the following:

  • Representatives of the business now have a better understanding of where website calls are coming from – either organic search results, digital advertising or direct search results – and can utilize this information to enhance marketing campaigns.
  • Due to our refining of the SEM campaign, their advertising dollars can be more efficiently allocated to improve ROI.
  • In 2023 alone, SEM directly contributed to $483,000 in revenue and a 500 percent return on investment.

"Phoenix Innovate has been a valuable partner by taking the lead on marketing strategies that have directly benefited our bottom line. Over the past several years, our company has grown significantly and the Phoenix team has definitely played a role in that growth. 

Phoenix has been able to greatly improve our SEO and SEM strategies helping us capture new sales leads and supporting our  growth as a company. Overall, it's been a great partnership and we really appreciate that Phoenix tailors their solutions based on our unique business challenges and opportunities."

- Jacob Houk, President