Direct Mail Fundraising Campaign for Belle Isle Conservancy Increases Response Rate

Phoenix Innovate increased Belle Isle Conservancy's response rate by 38% over the prior year-end appeal.

We have recently completed a Year-End direct mail fundraising campaign for a new client, Belle Isle Conservancy (BIC), and made a significant impact on the results of the campaign—achieving many innovative firsts!

There is no more “business as usual.”

Our value-driven approach assisted the client with:

  • Increased the response rate by 38% over the prior year-end appeal.
  • Tested variable messaging(a first for BIC)!
  • Tested the potential for the prospect segment to donate (another first). This segment’s number of responses increased by 106% and revenue increased by 83%.
  • Designed a multi-segment messaging strategy, in order to gauge messaging benefits with different audience types (another first, creating audience affinity segments and messaging).
  • Used data-logic to provide unique ask ladders for each audience segment (another first).
  • Gross revenue increased 54% and net dollars raised increased by 59%, while overall expense increased by only 35%.
  • Member response increased 65% from 2013 and revenue increased by 52% (another first). Demonstrated that current members (those that had given a previous gift in the past 12 months) would also give to an appeal.
  • Provided client with a detailed report of the response rates and related ROI for each segment (another first), plus helped them create unique tracking methods for audience segments.
Mark M Gaskill
Mark M Gaskill

EVP of Marketing Solutions

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