End of Year Appeal Season is Over. And the Results are In!

The results of appeal season are in for Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan (CLFM) and the impact of a new approach has been dramatic.

For the past three years, we helped CLFM achieve increases in gross revenue. Our analysis of last year’s activity uncovered a low-risk opportunity to change the approach in 2018. Our recommendations included a reduction in the number of appeals and a segmented donor-centric messaging plan.

CLFM agreed to change things up and the results included a 40% increase in gross revenue and a whopping 60% drop in the cost to raise a dollar. We reduced the cost to raise a dollar to $.15. That’s 25% below the national average.

We used our Authentic Marketing combination of data, vision and creativity to achieve these results.

Mark M Gaskill
Mark M Gaskill

EVP of Marketing Solutions

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