Testimonials & Praise

Phoenix Innovate has worked with us on solutions for production from data management to fulfillment. They have helped us identify efficiencies and drive change within our process. They do an excellent job of thinking as though they are working within the organization, understanding our sense of urgency and demonstrating a passion for our institution.

Jennifer Clarke, Membership Director, Detroit Zoological Society

Walsh College has a long-standing relationship with Phoenix Innovate for exactly this reason. They continue to find ways to produce stellar work, provide excellent service and meet our budget restraints. And this is paramount for our organization, as we are no different than any other business—we are tasked with sustaining or exceeding a level of quality whilst containing costs.

John W. Lichtenberg, Vice President, Chief Marketing and Enrollment Management Officer, Walsh College

One of the many unique attributes of Phoenix Innovate is that they are far more than a printing partner. I found through my experiences that they are a great business partner and add value in ways well beyond producing the work required. In this particular project we were successful at convincing the client to move the print and fulfillment business to us/Phoenix. Unbeknownst to the client and certainly us was the condition of the assets and the state of disorganization. At the point this was determined there was no option but to forge ahead and make sense of it and determine how best to assemble and keep the projects on track. The result was a seamless transition and a significantly improved platform for managing the volume of marketing assets.

One of the aspects of Phoenix Innovate that impressed me at the onset of our relationship was their commitment and adherence to proven process. This paid off beyond expectations when we were challenged by a client on compensation for out of scope situations, which were voluminous. Phoenix provided their detail records, change notices, correspondence, etc. that mitigated material losses and demonstrated how tightly the projects were managed. In my experiences with many other partners I have never witnessed such a high degree of professionalism, standards and documentation as I have with Phoenix. Understanding their commitment to process provides confidence that Phoenix will steward any business to the highest standards of excellence.

Jeff Grice, Chief Operating Officer, AAS

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Phoenix Innovate for producing the best Signature Associates’ property brochure ever! The design work, production time and quality were excellent. I am confident that this is indicative of the first class company Phoenix Innovate is, as well as the extraordinary staff who put so much effort into this particular project. Thanks again to the entire Phoenix staff for all your efforts on this project and all the jobs that you have completed for us.

We look forward to the same high quality from Phoenix Innovate for our future needs. A job well done!

Steven G. Gordon, President, Signature Associates

Congratulations on winning Tweddle's Vendor Rating System for Outside Printers for the second consecutive year! It is a pleasure to tell you that you not only scored higher than all of your competitors, you outscored them by an average of seventeen (17) points.

Your performance is made all that much more remarkable by the following facts: you had the highest score among our printers in the quality category, you had the highest score among our printers in the delivery category, you had the highest score among our printers in the service category, you had the highest score among our printers in the supplier cost reduction category, you had the highest score for your commodity, your score increased 9 points from your own winning score from last year by 11%, and you maintained or increased your score in all categories of the Vendor Rating System.

No matter how you slice it, this is a remarkable performance.

I have to say though that it doesn't surprise me as much as it should. I knew from the first meeting with Phoenix that you were committed to performing at a level rarely seen within the printing industry. It is a pleasure to work with a supplier that is always looking to exceed what is expected of them.

In a world where our customers are continually asking us to decrease our cost, increase our quality, ensure on-time delivery and deliver world class service, Phoenix is the type of partner that Tweddle looks for to help make our expectations a reality every day.

Brian Suszek, C.P.M., Executive Vice President, Tweddle Group

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding service and quality. An example of this was evident on our most recent School of Social Work Brochures. I was impressed by Phoenix’s ability to tackle a job of this magnitude and deliver a top quality product within our tight turnaround time.

Your staff has been very helpful, from suggesting printing solutions up front, to quality execution of the final product. Overall, your sales, estimating and production staff is consistently responsive to our needs.

We truly value Phoenix Innovate. You have produced quality results that have made our clients happy, and that makes us truly happy. Thanks to Phoenix Innovate for work well done.

Lynne Newbound, Production Manager, University of Michigan Marketing Communications