Culture, Vision & Values

We do more than just hang our mission statement on the wall, we live by it in everything we do.

Our organizational culture is a direct result of a purposeful endeavor. We consistently apply the disciplines of self assessment, collective input and alignment of our behaviors with our vision and values. This DNA has proven to be a model that continuously creates innovative solutions. Our culture determines how we respond to the needs of our clients, the marketplace, our associates, our suppliers and the community. We commit the time and resources to breathe integrity and value into everything we do. What are the benefits of this approach?

We listen to and understand our clients.

Our services and technologies are results driven, and our clients' confidence in us is not misplaced or taken for granted...ever!

The marketplace does not stand still.

We continuously evolve to meet client expectations and requirements in order to remain relevant.

Associates are our most valuable asset.

They are encouraged to grow, contribute and influence not only their work environment but their role within the team and the direction of the organization.

Suppliers are viewed as partners.

It means we partner with them and treat them as we wish to be treated by our clients.

Community is important to us.

We conduct our behaviors and encourage our team members to support the needs of our community and participate in green initiatives to protect our environment.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the marketplace leader in multichannel marketing communications, having no equal in honoring our commitments to our associates, clients and suppliers.

  • To occupy the position of market leader in our industry by creating a new standard by which our competitors are evaluated.
  • To be valued by our clients as a partner who practices unequaled honesty and integrity with respect to specifications, timelines and costs.
  • To relentlessly pursue a culture where everyone works together to identify opportunities for improvement and create alignments with our vision and values.
  • To continuously improve our business model so that we practice the most efficient and effective methods for aligning our values, processes and people.
  • To possess the financial strength to pursue new market opportunities, ensure long-term financial security for our associates and honor all financial obligations to our suppliers.

Our Values

Truth in our communications with each other, our clients and our suppliers.

Objectivity in evaluating and assessing challenges relative to our technology, performance and relationships.

Predictability in the experience everyone has in their interactions with Phoenix Innovate.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships that inspire growth and confidence.