Case Studies

Fulfillment Website for Branded Promotional Products

Savings to our client in relieving staff from handling fulfillment, calls and emails
Eliminated frustration


An OEM had a substantial inventory of branded promotional items, but its field sales force had no direct access to place orders. This was a source of frustration for both the sales force and the marketing staff.


Phoenix Innovate proposed a robust fulfillment website that would allow the client’s field sales force to place orders for all the promotional products available in inventory and allow the marketing staff to regulate and monitor order activity. In building the website we photographed the products, programmed all the business rules and created a shopping cart for orders. Our solution included hosting as well as handling all of the procurement and fulfillment. With this easy to use fulfillment site, our client was able to streamline the distribution of their branded promotional products as well as identify additional items that would be beneficial to their sales force. This significantly reduced financial and staffing burdens by eliminating the need for the client’s marketing staff to manage fulfillment or handle calls and emails from their sales force.

Membership Fulfillment

Reduction in time for members to receive member kits by over 300%
Greatly reduced call center activity


Reducing the overall time between membership application and member kit delivery from seven weeks to two weeks.


Members historically would not receive any communication or their membership cards until the member kit arrived in the mail, typically seven weeks later. This process left members with an inaccurate impression that benefits were not accessible until their credentials arrived. Phoenix created an automated system to communicate with applicants within a week of their application, allowing members to immediately utilize their membership benefits. Our technology team also implemented a process that allowed our client to shrink the member kit production and delivery time to within two weeks after application. One major benefit of this process was a significant reduction in call center activity and inquiries about membership status.

Reduce Program Fulfillment Cost and Acquire Contact Information

72% response rate
$144,000 annual savings


A division of an international organization faced historic changes to their customer base in the automotive service sector. Significant dealership closings combined with a downturn in the economy caused many of the body shop customers they supported to disappear from the market.

Our client needed a way to understand the registration and update status of specification cabinets placed with customers. Understanding the level of use of these cabinets was difficult because a network of 1,200 distributors installed them. Historically the process of acquiring the registration information and managing it was expensive, labor intensive and slow, with a six-month average cycle of response time.


The Phoenix Innovate team worked quickly to gain an understanding of the challenges facing our client and the opportunities that existed to achieve their goals. We crafted a multipronged strategy to address specification cabinet registration and fulfillment along with contact information updates simultaneously.

A direct mail pURL campaign was created to manage the 6,000 product specification units used in the field by the client’s customers. Historically, unit updates were automatically mailed to all customer contacts in the organization’s database. They rarely received requests to stop mailing the unit updates and only undeliverable mail was removed from the database. By using a customer specific registration process that allowed customers to provide their contact information and status of their unit, the campaign was able to increase response rates. Not only did this yield significant savings in the cost of producing and distributing the units to customers that no longer required updates, it also increased the amount of accurate contact information and accumulated email opt-ins. Responses to the campaign required little human contact due to the web technology employed and slashed the response time cycle from six months to less than two weeks.

The results of Phoenix Innovate’s programs have been exciting. Over 3,000 contact information records have been updated and the campaign has helped in cleansing the customer list by removing over 1,500 companies that are no longer in business.

The registration campaign had a 72% response rate, 45% of respondents updated their contact information while 50% provided an email address. Even more importantly, the program has identified 448 customers and 128 non-responders that do not need unit updates, which saved our client $144,000 annually.