Case Studies

Annual Fund Raising Campaign with a Personal Appeal

400% increase in ROI
Increased response rates up to 38%


The goals were to:

  • Increase the total amount contributed.
  • Spend the same or less money than the historical budget.
  • Evolve their approach to use new communication channels.
  • Engage a younger demographic.
  • Create a stronger connection with their audience.
  • Achieve these goals during the great recession.

The historical approach to communications was homogeneous, with a uniform message sent to all recipients.


Phoenix evolved this approach to create multiple individualized messages based on the audience segment. We used data analytics to identify patterns and relationships within the organization’s data to segment the audience and significantly increase the effectiveness of the messaging. We reshaped the nature and focus of the messaging from organization-centric to donor-centric, connecting the recipient to the personal benefit of their contribution.

We developed a multi-channel communications strategy for the campaign, adding email, web and social media. Our work increased the number of communication opportunities from one to at least four per recipient and we added channels that appealed to a wider and younger demographic. Contributions could now be made with greater flexibility.

By better allocating economic resources, we were able to add specialized content, such as video, that developed a deeper connection and allowed for easy sharing through social media.

The 38% response segment provided proof that when an organization is able to connect to its audience with specifically targeted and relevant content, passion to participate is activated.

Data Hygiene

Reduced list size by 50%, lowering the cost of print, mail and postage for this and all future mailings


Our client, a religious based organization, had used the same mail service provider for many years. We were given the opportunity to perform mailing services for their annual Christmas card mailing.


As part of our normal process we asked the client to allow us to analyze their database and provide an objective data integrity assessment. Through data hygiene processes, Phoenix Innovate removed 65,000 invalid records from their list. This enabled them to cut their printing, mail service and postage costs in half and allowed them to redirect those dollars into other marketing efforts—money that would otherwise have been wasted. They didn’t realize that their previous vendor was not properly performing these data hygiene functions for them.