Phoenix Innovate Research Provides Roadmap to Victory for Saginaw Township Police Millage

August 11, 2014

Citizens for a Safe Saginaw Township came to Phoenix Innovate this spring with two questions: what is the level of support for this proposed millage, and how should we promote it?

We designed a survey that measured Saginaw Township residents’ support of the millage and the efficacy of various messages to promote it. Our findings revealed there was already enough support to pass the millage, but that effective messaging could boost that support even more. The analysis revealed that some messages garnered more support from residents, while others made respondents less likely to vote for the millage.

Armed with this information, we were able to provide a final report with recommendations to Citizens for a Safe Saginaw Township to create a messaging strategy leading up to the election. We consulted with them to suggest the most effective messages, the best messengers (most well-known and liked community leaders) to deliver them, and the best timeframe to work within.

One member of Citizens for a Safe Saginaw Township stated, “I should have kept track of how many times I pulled out [the final report] and referenced information during the course of the campaign. It was a considerable number.” The campaign was a huge success: on August 5, Saginaw Township voters passed the millage with overwhelming support, with 74% of voters in favor of the measure.

If you would like to see Citizens for a Safe Saginaw Township’s messaging strategy, visit the group’s website.

You can read about the millage’s passing and its implications for the Saginaw Township here.


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