Qualitative Research Study for Professional Services Firm (PSF)

Focus: Client Acquisition, Retention and Growth

January 14, 2015
The secrets revealed by virtue of the responses, and qualitative research conducted by Phoenix Innovate, allow PSF to gain immediate traction from their marketing spend with confidence.

There is no more “business as usual!”

What started as a simple request for quotation to refresh and update their website led to the acquisition of these priceless strategic awareness assets through primary research. Leading from the edge of possibility, using pragmatic innovation, we changed the conversation about what can be and what PSF should expect and demand.

Here are the findings revealed from the research:

  • How PSF’s best clients searched for a new firm
  • What process did they follow in evaluating new firms
  • What criteria were considered and how were they weighted
  • Latent needs/wants that were the real motivators in searching for and selecting a new firm
  • How these elements varied for specific target vertical markets

Actionable intelligence that drives messaging, marketing, business development, client service and retention:

  • What motivated the client to initiate a search for a new firm
    • Where they searched
    • The vetting process
  • What express criteria were considered and how were they weighted
    • Years in business
    • Reputation
    • Traits of the firm and its employees
    • Size
    • Specialization
    • Conflicts of interest
  • What latent criteria were highly prized and the true motivators for initiating the search
    • Client benefits

The secrets revealed by virtue of the responses, and qualitative research conducted by Phoenix Innovate, allow PSF to gain immediate traction from their marketing spend with confidence.

Further we learned what real value the research participants are looking for and this will help PSF focus making that knowledge a cornerstone of their culture and engagement with their clients. This special knowledge will also be a key to building the right relationship with the prospective client from the beginning and inform them that PSF really understands them and their needs best. Now PSF possesses the knowledge of where to present themselves in each of the target verticals to gain opportunity, what to say, how to relate, how to brand themselves and what will be critical to closing. They also now know how to retain and continue to grow the relationships that they have onboard now, information they did not have access to previously.

No more guessing! The information PSF has acquired will be a long term, powerful asset paying unprecedented dividends for new client acquisition and equally important, the retention and growth of critical relationships. Keys to creating a sustainable future!

This information is the foundation for all future communication efforts including a new website redesign that will reflect content ensured to resonate with target PSF constituencies. The visitors will have a brand experience that engenders confidence that they have landed in the right place with the right people to inform and guide them to achieve their goals and objectives.

About Phoenix Innovate

We recognize the need for a new paradigm guiding how each client identifies, reaches and engages their marketplace. To answer this need Phoenix Innovate creates innovative solutions rooted in both strategic awareness and the situational priorities of target audiences. To gain the relevant truths and critical understandings essential to authentic marketing, every campaign begins with listening effectively to prospects and customers. Leveraging the findings gained through research and marketing intelligence, we shape customer-centric messaging and communications. The game-changing results reset the boundaries of what can be done.

Leading from the edge of possibility, we integrate all required competencies in-house, resulting in a nimble environment unrivaled in the marketplace. Every endeavor is measured and fine-tuned by our research, creative, innovation and production specialists to deliver maximized outcomes from your marketing investment. Believing that research should have no net cost, Phoenix Innovate guarantees positive gains from initiatives driven by knowledge and information. Our purpose is bringing authenticity and value to everything we do.

Kirk Vercnocke