New 7-station Intelligent Inserting System

September 16, 2013
Each combination of inserted messages can be specific to each recipient, based on marketing data analytics.

Our analysis-led solutions now include a new intelligent inserter. Our new 7-station intelligent inserting system, recently brought online to execute data-driven direct mail campaigns.

Phoenix Innovate CEO, Kirk Vercnocke, believes the new intelligent inserting system will significantly improve in-line functionality and efficiency for data-driven targeted direct mail campaigns.

"We now have the unique capability to insert various and disparate combinations of elements per envelope at full-production speed," Vercnocke explained. "Each combination of inserted messages can be specific to each recipient, based on marketing data analytics. Instead of each recipient receiving the same inserted set of literature and messages, each person will receive a customized kit. Research proves that the number of desired responses increases when the right message is received by the targeted audience."

In addition to its inserting capacity, this new system significantly improves the high-speed folding and ink jetting capabilities of Phoenix Innovate. The new system can nest and fold multiple sheets, ink jet personalized addresses and messages, and affix live stamps, all at full-production speed.

"The rapid and automated setup features of this system allows us to reduce production time and costs for our clients," said Kirk Vercnocke. "It further demonstrates our commitment to building our clients’ ROI through analysis-led communications."

Kirk Vercnocke

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