David Poore, Premedia Director

January 14, 2019

Phoenix Innovate’s Team just got richer with the addition of Premedia Director, David Poore.

David brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise in creating variable communication solutions to our team. As an early adopter of variable print and digital storefront technology, he has worked on leveraging complex implementations of the technology to allow clients to deliver variable content.

"David is unique in offering both the consultative skills to help clients articulate their needs and the technical proficiency to create and implement the solution." -Mark Gaskill

As Premedia Director, David is on the front lines of our innovative client solutions as well as the implementation and quality assurance required in the execution of the digital assets. His role is essential to meeting Phoenix Innovate’s commitment to quality and transformative results for our clients.

Outside the office, David and his wife are enthusiastic Disney fans and travelers who enjoy collecting advertising and pop culture memorabilia. David is a graduate of University of Phoenix with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management.

About Phoenix Innovate

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