Belle Isle Year End Campaign 2014

February 18, 2015

Phoenix Innovate increased Belle Isle Conservancy's response rate by 38% over the prior year-end appeal.

We have recently completed a Year-End direct mail fundraising campaign for a new client, Belle Isle Conservancy (BIC), and made a significant impact on the results of the campaign—achieving many innovative firsts!

There is no more “business as usual.”

Our value-driven approach assisted the client with:

  • Increased the response rate by 38% over the prior year-end appeal.
  • Tested variable messaging(a first for BIC)!
  • Tested the potential for the prospect segment to donate (another first). This segment’s number of responses increased by 106% and revenue increased by 83%.
  • Designed a multi-segment messaging strategy, in order to gauge messaging benefits with different audience types (another first, creating audience affinity segments and messaging).
  • Used data-logic to provide unique ask ladders for each audience segment (another first).
  • Gross revenue increased 54% and net dollars raised increased by 59%, while overall expense increased by only 35%.
  • Member response increased 65% from 2013 and revenue increased by 52% (another first). Demonstrated that current members (those that had given a previous gift in the past 12 months) would also give to an appeal.
  • Provided client with a detailed report of the response rates and related ROI for each segment (another first), plus helped them create unique tracking methods for audience segments.

About Phoenix Innovate

Founded in 1987, Phoenix Innovate is Detroit’s only marketing firm guaranteeing results. We focus on understanding, finding and keeping audiences. The results are transformative and sustainable. Our immersive approach harnesses a powerful combination of research, data, vision and creativity to build emotionally-engaged, lasting relationships for our non-profit and for-profit clients. We call this Authentic Marketing.

Mark Gaskill
Executive Vice President of Customer-Centric Strategies