Image of Graph showing 60% reduction in cost to raise a dollar. 25% below the national average February 26, 2019

End of Year Appeal Season is Over.
And the Results are In!

The results of appeal season are in for Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan (CLFM) and the impact of a new approach has been dramatic.

For the past three years, Phoenix Innovate has helped CLFM achieve increases in gross revenue. Our analysis of last year’s activity uncovered a low-risk opportunity to change the approach in 2018. Our recommendations included a reduction in the number of appeals and a segmented donor-centric messaging plan.

CLFM agreed to change things up and the results included a 40% increase in gross revenue and a whopping 60% drop in the cost to raise a dollar. We reduced the cost to raise a dollar to $.15. That’s 25% below the national average.

We used our Authentic Marketing combination of data, vision and creativity to achieve these results.

Image of Appeal letter

Mark Gaskill
EVP - Customer-Centric Strategies

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