Evolution of Phoenix Innovate

We have consistently subjected ourselves to a thorough assessment of our strategic planning, internal processes and business challenges. In 1995, we launched a new strategic plan and commissioned an extensive market study to gain valuable insight into the anticipated service/capability demands of the 21st Century marketplace.

This study led us to create a completely new business model, with an innovative approach that sets a new standard of success in addressing the opportunities and challenges that confront our marketplace. It helped us recognize the need to reevaluate who we are, and implement a paradigm shift toward redefining ourselves. Today we are focused on partnering with our clients to successfully achieve their multi-channel marketing objectives.

Model for success

Our reason for being is to continuously create innovative solutions that deliver maximum productivity and ROI for our clients’ marketing investment.

Our experience in developing solutions has taught us how important details and timing are to successfully execute each and every project. Organizations that are most effective will benefit by maximizing the results from their marketing investment.

We have assembled a unique suite of core competencies and we utilize them in a way that delivers unparalleled efficiencies for timeline achievement, program management and economics.

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